3 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content

3 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content

Does your company do webinars? If so, you know full well the time, energy and money that is spent securing panelists, creating assets, promoting the event, and then—finally—presenting the webinar.

But what happens afterward?

Your hard work doesn’t have to disappear into the shadows of the internet. Here are four ways you can utilize webinar content.

Create a blog series

Depending on the webinar topic, you should easily be able to create a blog series . Asking an external presenter to compose a guest blog/article will benefit you both. It will allow them to boost their authority on the subject both prior and after the presentation, as well as provide you with additional content.

Another source for the blog series is any internal presenters. They can write (or help with editing) a blog post for the webinar, one that helps readers dive further into the content being presented. Another idea would be for them to create a written version of the webinar.

Once you have your blog series set, be sure and include these blogs into your social plan for the webinar, both during and after the webinar is presented. This will help widen the impact of all of your hard work for the webinar.

Use webinar questions to create polls & start discussions

Typically, a webinar will wrap up by taking questions from the audience. This presents a great opportunity for you to extend those questions to your social media audience.

Use questions from the webinar to ask multiple choice questions as a poll on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. This allows your social audience to have some fun testing their knowledge and gets them more interested in the webinar content. After the webinar, say a day or two later, you can provide the correct answer to the poll – increasing the longevity of your webinar content and engagement even further.

If quality questions aren’t abundant during your webinar, you can always come up with a few poll questions of your own.

Infographic or eBook

A good webinar is filled with all kinds of statistics that can easily become lost during the presentation. Instead of losing those great tidbits, turn them into powerful visual content that increases the lifespan of your webinar.

If you have a larger amount of information that you think your audience would like to be able to digest, then an eBook or infographic can provide all of the key points and statistics from the webinar in a digestible, easy to share format.  As an added perk, you can gather information about your audience based on the information you receive from the eBook downloads.

Do you have any additional tried and true tactics? Don’t be shy, share them below!

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