New to social media planning or looking to revamp your current one? There are several important tasks that have to be completed to ensure your plan is a success. How can you sort these tasks to stay on track?

Below are all the social media tasks you should be checking off your list daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.


  • Utilize a social posting calendar. Take a few minutes each day to look at your social posting calendar. Check that scheduled posts were published and that future content is still on track.
  • Execute customer service checks. Complete customer service checks at the same time(s) each day. This way you won’t miss any crucial messages, or cause delayed response times.
  • Discover trending topics and hashtags. This will allow you to stay on top of current news and join relevant conversations as they are taking place.


  • Sync with your team. Touch base each week so that every member of the team knows what is coming down the pipeline.
  • Identify your competitor’s top posts. Documenting your competitors’ top posts will help you create content that earns higher engagement.
  • Track results. Check your results each week to make sure you are staying on track and that your content is being well received.


  • Collect monthly data. By gathering your results each month, you can assess the strategies that are working the best (and worst) and make crucial adjustments for future months.
  • Identify top posts. Assess what’s working (and what isn’t) and adapt accordingly for the next month.
  • Research upcoming news to begin drafting content for it. Keeping an eye on where key industry conversations are heading will give you the ability to post about them as soon as they come to fruition.


  • Review and evaluate your KPIs. Key performance indicators help you determine which analytics matter the most in order to be successful. Each quarter, take note of the KPIs you set and if you reached them.
  • Conduct an audience analysis. Your audiences’ needs and behaviors can change. Each quarter check-in so you can continue to create content they will engage with.
  • Set goals and KPIs for the next quarter. Once you know the results of the previous quarter, it’s time to plan for next quarter. Use the previous quarter’s KPI results to determine what they should be moving forward.

Keep this checklist handy and you’ll be able to keep your social media strategy on track.

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