Digital marketing is constantly evolving. There is no “secret sauce” to an awesome digital strategy – it’s about constantly learning, tinkering, and innovating as technology changes.

As social media algorithms change and clients want more, it’s important to be even more creative in order to help brands grow.

Chatbots are the future.

As society becomes more and more instantly gratified, chatbots are a must in your strategy. Chatbots make customer gratification instantaneous and offer real-time chatting options. That way your clients are never left wondering about your products or services.

In fact, Facebook has integrated a chat feature that automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business. It enables you to continue the conversation even after customers have left your webpage.

If you’re not great at video, hire someone.

Seventy-two percent of businesses say that video has improved their online conversion rates, so there’s no reason to leave out video content in your marketing strategy. Take advantage of live video platforms on Facebook and Instagram to show behind the scenes glimpses of your business to build trust and engagement with your brand.

USG is your friend.

USG, or user-generated content, can and should be your best friend. It’s a win for your ideal audience to have their content featured by your company, and it’s a win for YOU to utilize content generated by your target audience. Think of it as an instant referral that builds community and trust within your ideal client. If you don’t have user-generated content flooding in already, consider reaching out to your clients to feature them for photo credit.

Be authentic.

Audiences are desperate for brands to keep it real and they want to be communicated with directly. The days of overly curated content are over and transparency is at the forefront of modern marketing strategies. Find ways to ensure you’re not over-filtering every piece of content you pump out and leave room for the imperfections.

Engage with your audience.  

High follower counts on vanity platforms like Instagram and Twitter don’t necessarily help potential customers trust your brand. In fact, a high follower count on a platform with a low engagement rate can be a red flag that brands are buying followers just to boost their egos – which is a huge marketing no-no.

Try to respond to as many comments and direct messages as possible on these platforms to engage with your audience and build trust.

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